Workplace Coaching

When it feels like the situations, environment and people at work are the cause of our difficulties, work is not enjoyable.  We have a lot of noise in our heads.  Through understanding state of mind in the workplace, either 1 to 1 or with teams, we explore what is creating the ‘noise’.  When we see it for what it is,  it quietens.  As it quietens, we get more head space.  

More head space means greater capacity for fresh, new thinking on how to deal with the very same situations and people we had so much thinking on.  Decisions come from a place of inspiration, not insecurity.


Workplace coaching can help individuals or teams to; resolve complex issues; manage emails and meetings more effectively; reduce their sense of overwhelm; stop firefighting and find time to think, plan and be pro-active.


Workplace coaching can help individuals or teams with; tensions between colleagues or different parts of the business; cynicism from individuals or groups; dismissal or resistance to new ideas, organisational change or leadership decisions.

Lack of Trust

Workplace coaching can help individuals or teams build trust to eradicate; a 'them and us' attitude; an intolerance of mistakes; silo working; 'fighting ones' own corner'. Teams begin to build a culture of openness, honesty and transparency.

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