Deeper Understanding

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.” Sydney Banks

What is this understanding that enables us to live life to the full?

By way of introduction, here are two useful starting points.

Firstly, we think.  Now I know this may seem like stating the obvious.  However, I invite you to take a broad view of this fact by considering the following:

  • We feel our thinking moment to moment.
  • We cannot experience anything or anyone without having a thought about it first.
  • We have the ability to grab hold of these thoughts and think about them, act upon them, or not.
  • When we don’t think about them, they disappear without us having to do anything.  Making room for a new thought.
  • We have an infinite capacity for new thought.

So whilst it looks and feels like that person or situation is creating our experience, we are actually the creators.  We create our experience from the inside out.  Without realising we are doing it, most of the time.  And because the nature of thought is to flow, we can have many different experiences of the same situation or person.  Without us deliberately trying to.  It’s all built into the system.  Part of our factory default setting if you like.

Now to the second point.  We all have common sense; wisdom, a guide inside.  It’s there all the time.  We were born with it and it will be with us until we die.  

Our common sense is always pointing us in a direction that is good for us.  In the same way our physical immune system is always working behind the scenes to keep our bodies healthy, our psychological immune system is doing the same for our mind.

Whenever we give up trying to solve a problem, the answer invariably comes to us.  When we let go of old thinking, a new thought pops in.  If it feels ‘right’. When we trust our gut instinct, we know to follow it.

When we see these things for ourselves, notice them in the everyday stuff, life looks a lot simpler. Feels a lot kinder.  Navigating it is a lot easier too.  And much more enjoyable.

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