About Claire

No matter who I am working with, my approach is always underpinned with the understanding that we always have the capacity to see things in a way that we hadn’t considered before.  To find a solution where one is needed.  To connect with our innate wisdom and sense of wellbeing.  In short, to fully realise our true potential.

My background

With over 16 years as a learning and development consultant, my own exploration in how to help others be the best they can led me to an understanding that pointed to how life works; from the inside-out. Through this I came to the field of transformational coaching, gaining certification from Michael Neill's rigorous training programme. Seeing the difference I could make for my clients and the experience of supporting my teenagers, I wanted to bring this understanding to people both young and young at heart. As a certified coach and member of the 3PGC (Three Principles Global Community) I am delighted to be able to do this.

What I Offer

I provide personalised 121 coaching and teach the Principles in groups through my 'Uncover Your Brilliance' programme. Enabling those I work with gain more clarity of mind. More clarity of mind helps change the way you see yourself and others. With greater clarity comes improved relationships, increased confidence, motivation and performance. Action is based on inspiration, possibility and enjoyment.

My Style

I offer an organic process, working with the individual or group to help unlock creativity, reduce stress and improve performance. We work at a natural pace, in a safe environment to suit the individual or group's need. Maintaining high professional standards is important to me. To ensure I give the best support possible, I work with mentor coaches who are leaders in the field of 3 Principles based coaching and take part in development opportunities provided by the 3PGC.

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